Congratulations to the University of Mississippi Graduates, Faculty, and Special Guests!

Graduate Supply House is honored to provide industry leading academic regalia for your University of Mississippi Ceremony.  Please click on the “Complete Your Order” link below to reserve a regalia outfit especially for you.


  • DEADLINE FOR ORDERING REGALIA ONLINE:  Online ordering will close at midnight on Tuesday, June 30th.  After online ordering closes, you will still be able to order your outfit by going to the Barnes & Noble at Ole Miss.  Participants from regional campuses, please contact the main office on your campus.  An additional $50 late fee will be assessed after June 30th.
  • REGALIA DISTRIBUTION:  Regalia distribution will take place as follows:
    • Main Campus
      • TBD at a later date
    • Regional Campuses
      • Please contact the Main Office at your location for regalia pickup instructions and other pertinent information related to your ceremonies.


  • BACHELOR PACKAGE – $53.50 incl. tax (includes keeper cap/tassel and rental gown)
  • MASTER/SPECIALIST PACKAGE – $94.16 incl. tax (includes keeper cap/tassel, rental gown, and rental hood)
  • DOCTOR (Non JD) PACKAGE – $101.65 incl. tax (includes keeper cap/tassel, rental gown, and rental hood)
  • DOCTOR (JD Only) PACKAGE – $160.50 incl. tax (includes keeper tam/tassel, rental gown, and rental hood)

Questions? Please contact the bookstore by phone at 662-915-7137 or by email at

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