University of South Alabama

DNP Rental Regalia Order Form


Rental Fee: Your payment of $540.00 includes rental fees, shipping, taxes, and a $400 refundable security deposit. Your deposit will be forfeited if the rental gown and hood return shipment is not received at Graduate Supply House, Inc. by the return deadline provided below.

Ordering Deadline: August 25th

Shipping: All regalia will be shipped on August 27th. Requests for early shipment will be denied. A prepaid UPS return shipping label will be provided with your regalia. If you lose this label, then you are responsible for any shipping fees incurred during your regalia return. The shipping address for Graduate Supply House will be included in your order confirmation email. 

Returns: The cap & tassel are yours to keep. The gown and hood must be returned directly to Graduate Supply House. Regalia left at the USA Bookstore, or any other location is not considered returned. The rental return shipment must be received by Graduate Supply House, Inc. no later than September 18th. Failure to meet this return deadline will result in forfeiture of your deposit, without exception.

Refund of Deposit: Refunds will be processed for all eligible deposits on September 21st. Requests for early refunds will be denied.