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Graduate Supply House has a long history of making custom regalia for faculty, administrators, and students throughout the nation.  Please use the sections below to learn more about the various options you have when ordering your own doctoral package from us.

Doctorates have plenty options for headwear.  You may choose to wear a traditional mortarboard or a tam.  Graduate Supply House offers multiple options for those wishing to wear either.    As far as tassels are concerned, we offer a complete rainbow of options for keeper tassels with bullion tassels offered in either gold or silver.

The Jewel of the Doctoral Gown – Doctoral Hoods let everyone know your degree (velvet color) and where your doctorate was bestowed upon you (satin colors on the inside of the hood) in style.  Graduate Supply House gives you the option to have your hood traditional or dressed up with piping.

Graduate Supply House offers an array of  velvet and piping choices for your Doctoral Gown.  The traditional doctoral gown has black fabric with black velvet accents.  However, many schools and faculty members choose to change their velvet so that it matches the velvet color on their hoods.  Also, GSH offers piping options in a variety of colors to help not only accentuate your choice of velvet, but also make you stand out from the crowd.

Finish off your Gown in style – Graduate Supply House offers three sleeve styles to choose from along with the option to add pocket slits and/or pockets to your gown.  As a thank you for your purchase, we will embroider your initials into your new gown and enclose a GSH garment bag to keep it all safe.

Although the doctoral gown is traditionally black, it has become even more common for faculty to want to wear the colors of the school where they work and/or received their doctorate.  Graduate Supply House has a wide variety of fabric colors that we can work with you on to design a gown that will make you not only look, but feel your best.

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